Volume 12, Issue 2, August, 2004

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California People of Faith Working Against the Death Penalty
Faye Butler

It had been some time since the San Francisco Chapter of CPFWADP had met so an organizing meeting was called by Terry McCaffrey on June 15th in San Francisco. Present were represetatives from several faith traditions as well as Amnesty International. Faye Butler represented Pax Christi.

The status of the California Moratorium Campaign was presented by Stephanie Faucher who announced that a commission has been established to further study the death penalty in Ca. It will be similar to the study done in Illinois prior to Governor Ryan’s moratorium.

It has been determined that there are 8o problems in California, including racial, geographic, and financial, and they are similar to the ones in Illinois. Senators Gloria Romero and Donald Perata will head the commission. Stephanie said that it was essential that we continue our broadbased education, focusing particularly on our legislators and religious leaders. As soon as we receive more information, Pax Christi delegations should make a point of meeting with their bishops and legislators to enlist their help in supporting the Moratorium.

On October 22, Notre Dame, in Belmont will be hosting the opening of Sr. Helen Prejean’s new play, DEAD MAN WALKING. Oct. 22-24 is Amnesty International’sWeekend of Faith in Action on the Death Penalty. A brochure explaining the details can be downloaded on the Amnesty International website. Since October is Respect Life month it would be a good time to invite your pastor to have a guest homilist speaking on the death penalty.

The next meeting of CPF will be July 20th at 12:30 in San Francisco.All are welcome.

For info contact terrymc@igc.org


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